New Senior Prep wing

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New building phase begins on 14 July

Reddam House, Bedfordview is very pleased to announce that ground works and construction to the third phase of the Senior Preparatory school at Reddam Main Campus will commence on Monday 14 July 2014.


Consequently, the current Senior Prep playground on the north-west side of the school will be securely ring-fenced and occupied by Construction Company Lexkon cc., until December 2014 when the completed project will be handed back to the school for occupancy ahead of the 2015 school year. Lexkon cc. has assured us that all Reddam students and onlookers will be prevented from gaining access to the construction site for the duration of building operations.


This site plan indicates (Block J) where the new phase is to be built.


What’s more the area on the north side of the Senior Prep ring road (8142 and 8143) will also be levelled by the construction crew to make way for hockey fields.

Throughout the construction period the Senior Prep ring road will remain open to traffic but occasional delays, caused by construction trucks bringing building material on site via a temporary entrance off Smith Street (near Langermann Drive), can be expected.


Every precaution will be taken to ensure security throughout and to avoid truck movements during peak traffic periods in the mornings and afternoons.

Parents and visitors entering and exiting the school are requested to please co-operate with our security guards who will do everything possible to ensure a smooth traffic flow.