About Us

At Reddam House private school, we believe that knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and values form the basis of a successful future. These are the foundations on which we build and plan our lives. The effects are long-term and the consequences far-reaching, which is why a child’s education is the most important decision any parent has to make.Reddam House private school in Bedfordview crest

Reddam House is a co-educational private school that educates students in an environment which reflects the society in which we live.

It provides an opportunity for students to interact naturally and comfortably, encouraging gender equality.

At Reddam House education revolves around the individual. Our aim is to recognise, nurture and develop the individuality of each child in our care.

Our aim is to promote independent thinkers, to encourage young people to use the knowledge they have acquired to develop their own thoughts, ideas and opinions. We support children in their educational endeavours by teaching them how to think, not what to think.

Reddam House private school is non-denominational and accommodates religious diversity.

Teachers are hand-picked according to the following criteria:

  • – Excellent academic qualifications
  • – Outstanding track records with reputations as having kept abreast with recent, relevant educational methodology
  • – Dynamic personalities with a professional demeanour who create a nurturing educational environment
  • – An exceptional rapport and empathy with students by treating students with dignity and respect

Fundamental educational approach

The three pillars of the fundamental educational approach at Reddam House private school are analytical and lateral thought, comprehension and innovative application of skills and concepts.
In addition to factual content, the academic programme extends and enriches students, fostering creative and enquiring minds, assisting them to maximise their full potential.
Innovative and dynamic teaching and evaluation maintains superior academic standards that are internationally acclaimed.
Learning programmes are adapted and extended in response to the demands and challenges of an ever-changing world.
Beyond the normal curriculum, an extensive range of subjects is taught resulting in a comprehensive education, preparing students for their careers.
Students are exposed to the use of the latest information technology and research skills.
Sophisticated and advanced methods are utilised.
Teachers are available for all students requiring individual attention.
A tutor system of monitoring each student’s academic and social progress ensures growth and development.
Parents are included as important role players in their child’s education.

Tours and excursions

Annual academic, cultural and sporting tours are undertaken locally, nationally and internationally. These tours and excursions promote curriculum enrichment, provide opportunities for students to perform and compete in a wider arena resulting in improved social and life skills.


Reddam House private school is justifiably proud of its superior facilities that maximises the academic, sporting and cultural potential and growth of our students.

Our Director

Dalene Quayle: Director and ELS and Preparatory School PrincipalDalene Quayle

The Director of Reddam House, Bedfordview private school is Dalene Quayle. She is also the Early Learning Stage and Preparatory School Principal. Dalene Quayle, along with her father Robert Crawford, is a co-founder of Bedfordview Christian College and Reddam House, Bedfordview.   In 1993 Bedfordview Christian College – the forerunner to Reddam House, Bedfordview – opened its doors to 42 children and 4 teachers from Pre 1 to Grade 7. Her vision was to create a loving environment with sound moral values that nurtured and celebrated the individual child.

Today Reddam House Bedfordview, which caters to children from Stage 1 (infants) through to Grade 12, is over 1300 students strong across the two campuses. Dalene Quayle holds the qualifications B.Ed. Honours (Wits), TTHDE (4 years) (Wits) and FDE Youth Preparedness (Wits). She is married with two children.


Our College Principal

Stephen Hazley

Stephen Hazley: College Principal

38 year-old Stephen Hazley was appointed as a Geography teacher and Head of Sport at Bedfordview Christian College in May 2001 – 18 months before Reddam House was launched.

In September 2008 he was appointed as College Principal. Since his appointment he has been instrumental in the rapid growth in sport and continued academic success of the College Campus.

He holds the qualifications B.A. Honours, H. Dip. Ed. (Wits) He is married and has three boys. Stephen, who spent his formative years in Belfast, Ireland, is passionate about drawing the best out of teenagers.





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